About SuperFresh Grocer

Eating isn’t just about satisfying hungry tummies. It’s also about nourishing our bodies and taking our taste buds on new adventures – with fresh, flavourful produce.

Here’s how it works at SuperFresh Grocer:

1. We offer Preorder options for customers

In our efforts to offer maximum freshness to our customers, we offer a Preorder option to all customers who are willing to wait a little longer for the freshest produce straigt off the plane.   We have regular shipments coming in from Australia, Europe and other Asian countries every week.  We encourage customers to order in advance for specific items from a specific flight. This means we bring in only what you need, straight to you, so you enjoy produce at their freshest. 

Doing so also ensures that fruits & veg are SuperFresh, we cut down on food waste at a commercial level, and avoid unnecessary cold storage. 

2. We skip shelving and displays

SuperFresh Grocer brings you quality produce, neither displayed for days at a supermarket shelf nor touched, poked and prodded by other shoppers.

Our cold chain is shortened with less handling and less time wasted – resulting in maximum freshness.

3. We encourage adventurous eating

We don’t just eat to live; we live to eat. With our wide variety of produce – including seasonal ones unique to the locality – we invite you to join us on a taste adventure. 

Got more questions about our produce? Get in touch with us.