A5 Satsuma Wagyu Striploin Shabu Shabu [Kagoshima, Japan]



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In the Minami Satsuma Valley in Kagoshima Prefecture, a small group of 12 Master Wagyu farmers have created the Satsuma Gyu brand. With a deep devotion to animal welfare and producing the highest quality. 

Satsuma Wagyu Beef are bred only by Meijin Wagyu Farmers. These farmers have won a prize at the prestigious National Wagyu Competition Its specially formulated diet, consists of 100% locally grown agriculture products. The cattle's main source of energy comes from rice plants, which are cultivated on the slopes of Mt Aso in Kumamato Prefecture. Through joint research between the local University, the Wagyu and Rice farmers, they have determined the best types of rice to grow and also the most suitable times of the year to harvest, where the plants are at their most nutritious. 

Satsuma Gyu is starkly different from the conglomerate style Beef Agriculture in Japan. Representing a new era of Wagyu farming.

  • Intensely Marbled (BMS10-12)
  • Always Tender
  • Each tray consists of 4 slices of Wagyu Shabu
  • Delivered Frozen
  • Thaw in the chiller for 2 hours before meal time
  • If not consumed within 3 days, please keep in the freezer
  • Individually vacuum packed for easy storage
  • Thickness will vary depending on eye muscle size. Please use thickness guide as an approximation. 

Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Thickness: ~2mm
Weight: 200g