Aged American Ginseng Slices [50g]


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Aged American Ginseng Slices 50g, 老山花旗参片

Benefits: Nourishes “Yin”; Reduces heat in the body; Soothe lungs; Promotes the secretion of body fluids; Quench thirst and restores energy; Improve energy; Helps with symptoms of aging; Supports healthy brain functions and memory, Nourish bodily fluids

Cooking methods:

Method 1: Mix 3-4 Slices in warm water. Take daily in the morning before food.
Method 2: Add 4 slices with hot water into thermal flask. Suggest to add Dendrobium (shihu) for added benefits.
Method 3: Add a few slices in your dishes such as soups, steamed fish, etc.

Ingredients: 50g Sliced Aged American Ginseng 美国泡参

Especially good for: People who feel “heaty”, lack energy and feel tired easily, often fall sick, stressed individuals who lead active busy lives, those prone to insomnia, irritability and fatigue.

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Weight: 50g
Storage: Keep refrigerated