Loose Flower Tea [Chrysanthemum/ French Rose/ Jasmine/ Osmanthus/ Roselle]


Thye Shan

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Loose flower tea is convenient and easy to brew. Popular among family and young children.

Suitable to be used as tea or dessert.
No added artificial flavourings or colourings.
Packaged in Singapore


  • Chrysanthemum Bud 50g
  • French Rose Bud 50g
  • Jasmine Flower 2x30g
  • Osmanthus (Premium) 50g
  • Roselle Flower 2x45g
Storage: Keep refrigerated. Contains drying agent.
Delivery: 1-3 days
(Chrysanthemum Bud, Jasmine Flower, Osmathus, Roselle) - China 
(French Rose Bud) - France