Free-Range St. Louis Rib Slab [500g]



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St. Louis ribs are cut in a particular way with the sternum bone, cartilage and rib tips removed for a well-formed, rectangular-shaped rack, which makes it eaiser to work with when cooking.   They are generally considered a bit fattier than baby back ribs and thus can be more tender if cooked properly.   

100% Carbon Neutral Borrowdale Free Range Pork

Borrowdale free range pork adheres to the APIQ free range industry standards, ensuring weaners, growers and sows have access to extensive outdoor areas their entire lives. The environment is enriched with wallows and areas for rooting and foraging. Low stress animal husbandry practices underpin superior pork which is succulent, tender and all natural.

Being Carbon Neutral means there is compensation for everything Borrowdale does that produces carbon emissions. Whatever we do between farming and delivering finished products is now compensated by something else that absorbs the same amount of carbon or more.

Pack size : 500g (half slab.  For full slab, order 1kg)  
Origin : Australia 
Farm : Borrowdale, Queesland
Certificate : APIQ Freerange