Fresh Wagyu Striploin Steak MS6 [Australian]



Freshness guarantee.

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Treat yourself to well marbled Australian Wagyu beef from NSW with Tajima Gyu bloodlines. The striploin is flavourful and has a real tasty fat cap.

Cattle Information

  • 450 days grain finished

Doneness guide
Rare - 50 celsius 
Medium rare - 56 celsius 
Medium - 60 celsius 
Medium Well - 64 celsius 
Well done - 68 celsius

Recommended cooking method

  • Quick Pan Sear
  • Barbecue
  • For whole slabs: Roast, sous vide

Cooking Tip

Remember to render the fat cap on top to get it crispy and the neighbours jealous. To do this, simply stand it up with the fat cap touching the pan using a pair of tongs.