Fresh Tasmanian Pasture Fed Lamb Foreshank



Freshness guarantee.

We'll exchange any produce that is dissatisfactory.

Weight: 400g

  • Delivered chilled
  • Contains 1 piece of lamb fore shank
  • Feeds 1 person 

Cattle Information

  • Raised without the use of antibiotics
  • Clean diet
  • From free ranging lamb on pasture

Storage Information

  • Stays fresh in the chiller for at least 3 days from the delivery date
  • If not consumed within 3 days, please keep in the freezer
  • Individually vacuum packed for easy storage
  • This is a fresh product, please store at ~2 degree celcius, to be cooked within 3-4 days.

    The finest lamb from Tasmania, Australia. The island boasts pristine conditions for raising the healthiest and best tasting Lamb. With a cool climate, native flora and the cleanest air in the world, this product is enjoyed by chefs and home cooks alike.