Kombucha Gingeric Passion & Turmeric


Kombynation Co.

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Original Komby combined with real ginger, passionfruit and turmeric powder.

Combining ancient fermentation techniques with modern science, you get only the best quality kombucha with the highest safety fermentation and gut health with us today!

Kombynation Co is a non-alcoholic brewery that produces that produces the best tasting, gut healthy fermented Kombucha beverage through in house developed and characterised microbial strains.

Ingredients: organic black tea, organic green tea, kombyco SCOBY culture, cane sugar, passionfruit, ginger, turmeric powder

Kombynation Co.
Storage: Refrigerator
Origin: Freshly brewed in Singapore
Weight: 300ml glass bottle

Brewery Information

Kombynation Co. is Singapore's first SFA factory licensed kombucha microbrewery with a in-house lab for safety and QC. We produce full bodied, raw and unpasteurised kombucha with well balanced taste profiles, suitable for first time drinkers.

They aim to create a biotechnological platform that can be deployed across multiple beverage categories to convert sugar into probiotics, antioxidants and vitamins.

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