Iberico Pork Rack (skin off)



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Iberico Pork Rack - Extremely succulent and packed with flavour. Pair this with Salad, rice, or simply as a steak on its own.

Traveling through the countryside of western Spain, one would easily spot clusters of acorn trees peppered over the landscape. The unique habitat-forming the dehesa provides the ideal conditions for Iberico Pigs to thrive.

The seasonal acorn bearing trees provides the Iberico Pigs with antioxidant-rich nutrients. While the pigs forage - clearing out saplings and other species of plants that may contest the unique habitat.

The symbiotic relationship between the Iberico Pig and the western lands of Spain creates the perfect environment for raising great Iberico Pork.

  • Delivered frozen
  • Always tender
  • 600g (3-4 ribs), 1.2kg (6-8 ribs)

Storage Information

  • Defrost 1 day before intended consumption
  • Recommended doneness: Medium

Origin: Spain