Langoustine Scampi Prawn Whole Head On [Frozen]



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Langoustine is also known as Scampi, Norway Lobster or Dublin Bay Prawns.

Averaging about eight inches long, they look basically identical to lobsters, but they’re skinnier and generally a lighter shade of pink.

Fished from the silty bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, they’re usually prepared by removing the meat from the shell and sautéing it, lightly poaching the whole thing in court-bouillon, or by slicing the entire langoustine in half and cooking it quickly cut-side-down on a hot grill.

Best For: Baked, Pan Seared, Fried
Preservation: Frozen
Origin: Denmark
Weight: about 700g
To safely thaw langoustines, place the langoustines in the refrigerator overnight so it can thaw out gradually.