Ling Fillet [1kg]

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New Zealand

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Ling Fillet Boneless, Skinless

Ling is a versatile white flesh fish and is often compared to both cod and lobster. Its taste is stronger than that of other codfish, but very similar, and its flesh is firm and flaky like that of lobster.

Ling are widespread around New Zealand but mainly caught by trawl or long line around the bottom of the South Island, and over the Campbell Rise. The Marine Stewardship Council eco-label assures you that our Ling reflects sustainable fishing at its finest. It means that our fish stocks are healthy. We don’t damage the ecosystem and there is ongoing effective management of Ling fisheries. 

Pack size : around 1kg (500g x 2pcs) 
Preservation : Frozen (Boneless, Skinless fillet)
Origin : New Zealand