Premium Floral Tea Pack 7s


Thye Shan

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Benefits: Relieves Stress, Clears Heatiness & Detoxifies, Promotes Beautiful Skin, Enhances Immunity

Especially good for: People suffering from insomnia or stress
Contains: 7 individual Sachets of Eight Treasures Floral Tea, 7 tea filter pouches for the tea.
Ingredients: Ginseng 参片, Wolfberry 枸杞子, Osmanthus 桂花, Dried Longan 龙眼, French Rose 法国玫瑰, Honeysuckle 金银花, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Crystal Sugar

How to use:
  1. Place ingredients into provided tea filter pouches
  2. Immerse into pot with hot water for 20 minutes.

    Delivery: 1-3 days
    Storage: Keep refrigerated