*Good Deal* Fresh Norway Salmon Whole [~4.5kg]



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Air flown fresh Salmon farmed in Norwegian cold & clean waters off the coast of Norway. A versatile fish prepared with the skin on for ease of cooking and to give a fuller flavour.

Cold Water seafood generally takes a longer time to grow thus this gives more fat to the fish. This results in a better flavour on your plate.

One normal meal of salmon (200g fillet) contains about 1.8EPA and DHA. This makes Norwegian Salmon one of the richest food sources of Omega-3.

A normal meal of Norwegian Salmon covers a person’s weekly needs of Omega-3 fatty acids, following The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommendations.
Portioning Options

Option 1 : Only descale whole fish
Option 2 : Whole de-scaled two fillets vacuum pack. Head and Bones packed separately.
Option 3 : Fillet Portion Cut (200g) individually vacuum packed. Head and Bones packed separately. 

During portioning, weight of product decreases due to trimmings. Cutlet contains bones. Fillet contains less or no bones. All cuts come with skin on. Weight includes bones.

Sashimi Grade
- Cutlet contains bones
- Fillet contains less or no bones
- All cuts come with skin on

Best for: Baked, Broiled, Cured, Pan Seared, Poached, Raw, Grilled, Fried
Preservation: Air-Flown Fresh
Weight:  around 4.5kg (weight of whole fish before descaling and deboning) 
Origin: Norway