Country Bread


Starter Lab, Singapore

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A rustic loaf with wheat flour that when baked, gives a sweet nutty flavour. Crumb is more open and slightly more chewy.

Ingredients: white flour, water, whole wheat flour, natural starter, poolish, sea salt

BakedFresh on day of delivery
Delivery: Order by Wednesday 2PM for delivery on Thursday. Orders placed after Wednesday 2PM will be sent the following Thursday.
Bakery: Starter Lab
Weight (whole loaf): 1.25kg
Storage: On counter

Origin: Singapore


Bakery Information

Starter Lab handcrafts and ferments each loaf for at least 24 hours before baking. Enjoy bread, baked fresh, just for you.

Baker-consultant Emerson Manibo started the original Starter Lab in Canggu, Bali with his partner, Min Siah. He had worked at New York's three Michelin-starred Per Se and renowned bakeries, Tartine Bakery and Della Fattoria. Starter Lab is now in Singapore.

Starter Lab supplies fresh baked goods to the following restaurants: Locavore (Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list), Super Loco, and more.

SuperFresh Grocer supports local Singapore produce as much as possible.