Tangy Sorrel Salad [100g] #SupportLocal



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Tangy Sorrel contains a variety of lettuce, kale and sorrel. Refreshing and tangy with a tinge of sourness, it goes well with fatty fishes like salmon, and potato dishes. The salad can be used to prepare potato gratin and potato soup.

Storage tips: Best stored at temperatures between 1 to 4 degree celsius. In household refrigerators, it is recommended to store the product in the fresh produce compartment (the enclosed compartment), to maintain high humidity. This can be further enhanced by storing it in an enclosed environment (the original container, or any container covered with a lid). Avoid storing product together with ethylene-producing fresh produce such as apples and mangoes, as this will shorten the product’s shelf life.

Just Produce is the brand behind one of the largest high-tech indoor hydroponics farms in Singapore. Their farming practices allow for a sustainable process of using less water and resources for the best results. 

Ingredients: Sorrel, Green Buttercrunch Lettuce, Red Looseleaf Lettuce, Purple Oakleaf Lettuce, Tuscan Kale 

Origin: Just Produce, Singapore
Weight: 100g
Storage: Refrigerator