Truffle Slices (180g)


Colle Del Tartufo

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For starters, main courses and pasta dishes.

Tips for using truffle slices :

Truffles are most appreciated in simple recipes. Avoid using with ingredients with strong flavours or smells as the truffle flavour will be lost. Simple foods like pasta, rice, eggs, or potatoes bring out the delicious truffle flavour. Don’t cook them too much or you will drive off much of the flavour and aroma. If using in a hot dish, such as a soup or sauce, gently place the truffle slices on top just before serving or warm briefly in a little oil.

Preserved truffle slices can be a good substitute for fresh truffles with the advantage of being able to use them throughout the year.

About Colle Del Tartufo ;
From the flourishing lands of Umbria arise our truffle farms, real "oasis" that allow us to offer our customers only the best fresh product, from which we also get a large part of our prestigious preserved products. Born on abandoned lands, our truffle farms originate from the passion of our founder and the will to give value to our territory, to honor the history that inspired us to create our brand.
  • Origin: Italy
  • Weight: 180g
  • Storage: Refrigerate